Glasgow based organisations come together to support children and young people

Discover 'The Wee Bursary,' a collaborative initiative in Glasgow aiming to combat child poverty and empower the youth. Learn how four key organizations are working together to provide financial support for the next two years.

11 Oct 2023


A unique partnership has been formed and launched as part of Challenge Poverty Week in Glasgow. The Wheatley  Foundation, Clyde Gateway, FARE Scotland and the Hymans Robertson Foundation are jointly committing funding to support children, their families and young people across Glasgow for the next 2 years. The partners initially met in Spring 2023, to discuss the various support funding already offered by their organisations and from that emerged “The Wee Bursary”. 

All funders have existing funding support for children and young people. The Wee Bursary is their first joint initiative. Directed to children and young people needing direct financial support to help them in education and onward positive destinations, the Wee Bursary will be managed by the FARE Scotland team (who are already supporting 22 secondary schools across Glasgow).

As part of Challenge Poverty Week, the timing has not been lost on funders.

Marcella Boyle, CEO of the Hymans Robertson Foundation commented:

“Similar to our partners in the Wee Bursary, the Hymans Robertson Foundation already financially supported children and young people. We launched our UK Foundation Bursary in 2020 and through this have seen the impact a small amount of funding can make to children and young people. In a home setting, families can also be supported with help towards clothing, food and energy bills. We share the same purpose (and values) as our other funding partners: eliminating poverty and supporting better futures where we can: the Wee Bursary is a joint approach to achieving that end in Glasgow”.

The Wee Bursary is flexible to meet the needs of applicants. It can be used towards the costs of energy, hardship funding and food, technology and data kits, travel cards, kit for employment among other costs. Supported by FARE Scotland, applicants can be supported through the process to ensure that their need for funding is demonstrated in a straightforward, simple application process. The Wee Bursary launched in October 2023.

We know, together, we can make a real attempt to end poverty in Glasgow. Jimmy Wilson - CEO FARE Scotland

Jimmy Wilson, CEO of FARE Scotland appealed to other Glasgow based funders to consider additional funding for the Wee Bursary:

“We know, together, we can make a real attempt to end poverty in Glasgow. For Glasgow based companies that want to make a difference to their communities, please get in touch with me direct. We know demand for the Wee Bursary will be high. Your additional funding and involvement in this partnership can help us support more children, families and young people across Glasgow. Additional funding can scale what we offer over the next 2 years”.

For further information on the Wee Bursary, please get in touch with Jimmy Wilson [email protected]

The partners details:

Fare Scotland 

Clyde Gateway

Hymans Robertson Foundation

Wheatley Foundation