Strategy and Impact

Strategy And Impact

Reaching 10,000 young people

Our 10-year strategy sets out our ambition to reach 10,000 young people (from the ages of 11 to 25) by funding education, employability and financial education delivery; invest £2m in the social sector (including communities) and support Hymans Robertson’s staff achieve their volunteering ambition.

Our priorities

The Foundation has two core priorities:

  • 1

    Secure Financial Futures to improve the financial futures of disadvantaged young people

    We do this by supporting the delivery of financial capability and employability skills training and education services through our charity partners.

  • 2

    Communities to support long-term local community projects

    Working with communities we aim to improve the lives of those in most need.

How we deliver our priorities

We provide multiyear funding to our charity partners, and as part of their employability and education programmes, specialist provider MyBnk delivers financial education support to young people.  

We are committed to supporting the priorities of the Money and Pensions Service, to work with stakeholders across a range of sectors to help improve financial education provision at school, at home and in the community.

We also know there are mental health and well-being barriers for young people participating in learning, training and employment. Our specialist partner Lifelink supports young people (and charity staff) to access support to counselling (online and in person). Lifelink also works with all our charity partners to ensure that there is additional specialist mental health and well-being support.

We develop links and connections among teams at Hymans Robertson and our charity network. Highlighting opportunities for active, specialist and virtual volunteering provides additional support to charities and communities. Teams at Hymans Robertson can volunteer their time, directly fund raise and apply for match-funding. 



Financial education



How we measure our impact?

We agree key reporting requirements with all our charity partners in advance.  We are keen to see the impact of our funding with young people and communities. We do this through six monthly and annual reports typically gathering information of number of young people supported, their outcomes (for example, did our funding help them into training, an apprenticeship, learning or employment) or where funding helped them “stay” in school/training/college or employment. 

For other young people who need more support, we also ask for information on qualifications achieved. For some, that might be the first formal qualification they’ve achieved.

We also ask for case studies which brings to life the “impact” on their lives from our funding. 


We report our collective progress to the Foundation Board at each Board meeting. We also invite a charity partner to each meeting where Trustees can hear directly from our partners working with young people across the UK. We know we can do more to demonstrate the “social value” of our funding. By the end of 2023, we will confirm our “qualitative” measures. We’ll agree these with our partners. Currently, we’re benchmarking (gathering best practice) to ensure that any new measures are meaningful and inform/influence our future delivery.